Every student enrolled at a university, college or vocational college can register. You have to have a valid and active university email-address. If you are unable to register because your email cannot be recognised, then please get in touch. We will then add your university to our database

If your university does not provide an email address, you can get in touch with us at info@mylittlejob.de. Please don’t forget to provide proof of your matriculation at the university so we can check that you really are a student at this university. We will then add your private email address to our personal database.

In case your university assigns students email address and you have forgotten yours and can therefore no longer log in, please get in touch with the relevant person at your university. As long as there is an email address for your university in the Mylittlejob system, we cannot accept private email addresses.

Because of certain settings for university internet servers, it can sometimes take up to 24 to receive the activation link. In case you haven’t received the email with the link, please send an email to info@mylittlejob.de from your university email. If it’s the same email as the one in our system then we can manually activate your account.

Use the “forgotten password” function to set a new password, which you appears when you have failed to log in successfully. If this doesn’t work, send an email to info@mylittlejob.de and we’ll let you set a new password.

The company can only see your username. We don’t think any other information is relevant; it’s the quality of your work that counts.

In theory, nothing. Even when you haven’t been active in a long time you can still come back to Mylittlejob and start working again.

It’s nice if you could let us know of any new contact details, as these are what appear on your payslip.

Since we want to guarantee high quality results, then we can only accept students who have passed the welcome assessment. If you failed the test, you can try again in 3 months. To give the test another try, please send an email to info@mylittlejob.de . If you fail it a second time, then you will not be able to become a part of our academic workforce.

To deactivate your account, please send an email to info@mylittlejob.de for all further instructions.

Please get in touch with info@mylittlejob.de. There you will get all the information about enrolling as a student.

To change platform please email info@mylittlejob.de to get further instructions

We will happily change your university email address in our system. Send an email from your new email to info@mylittlejob.de, so we can be sure that you have access to this new email address.

You can try the language test again after months, please send an email to info@mylittlejob.de.

You receive your results at the end of the test. This cannot be accessed again, however.


Once you have passed the welcome test, then the first jobs are automatically available. The more jobs you work on, the higher your star rating and the greater the choice of jobs.

An algorithm controls the internal rating system at Mylittlejob. This assesses the number, quality and rating of the jobs you have done. If you ran out of time for any jobs will also be taken into account. This will only be tolerated ONCE. If this happens twice, then will be asked to leave the Mylittlejob Academic Workforce.

The only jobs you can see were created by external companies. Mylittlejob is the facilitator and has an influence on the type of jobs and your final rating. The use of revision tools is also taken into account by the employee. We are working hard to provide more jobs for you in the future.

Sometimes it so happens that the company has forgotten to post the data for the job. Please don’t accept the job if this is the case. It’s not possible for Mylittlejob to send the data to you directly. However, you can let us know by emailing info@mylittlejob.de so we can let the company know.

If you do not complete a job successfully, then you will a receive a one-star rating. If this happens twice, you will be no longer able to work for the academic workforce.

As a rule, chose jobs you will be able to execute well and within the deadline. When your rating improves, you will able to choose from more demanding jobs. Remember you can only work on one job at a time.

Once you have accepted a job you have 10 minutes to reject it, should you want to. A countdown shows how much time you have left. It is not possible to reject a job after this.

It may be that the other students have a higher rating than you, or there are more jobs available for the field of study of the other students.

It’s not possible to upload jobs as more than one folder. Should you want to, you must save it as one compressed folder and upload that. Unless otherwise stated, texts can be uploaded in one document.

If your submitted work doesn’t fit with the briefing, the company has the choice to either give you a bad rating or to reject your job. If it’s rejected, you will not get paid. You will however get paid for a bad rating, although you will not be available to get a higher rating on your profile. Online when your rating has improved will you be able to get better paid jobs. This can all be avoided by reading the briefing.

When you submit a job that doesn’t correspond to the briefing, your job might be rejected. For your job to be accepted, it must fulfil all the success criteria and be submitted in the correct format. If your job is rejected even though you’re sure it was in the correct format and followed the briefing, please contact us and we will check the job for you and correct your rating.

You are working for big name companies, who are obliged to not use your work if it has been rejected and you have not received any payment for it. Once the job has been rejected, it is automatically put back on the platform. The company then receives the work by the second student, at the latest. You will not be able to work on the same job again.

You can only work on one job at a time, so you can concentrate on that fully. For students with one star, the maximum number of jobs you can have active and have to be approved is 5. This number increases with the number of stars you have (2 stars: 12 jobs, 3 stars: 20 jobs, 4 stars: 30 jobs and 5 stars: 50 jobs).

You can only accept one job at a time. When this job has been completed, you can accept another job.

Some companies like to remain anonymous, whereas others have a public profile.

The success criteria can be found at the end of a job briefing and they summarize the fundamental criteria to fulfil in order to successfully execute the job. When all the criteria have been fulfilled then then the job is accepted and you receive your payment. If they are not fulfilled then the company can reject your job.

If it’s not a translation job or it’s not requested in the job description, then no.

There is not one definitive answer for this question. Sometimes it can take a long time if the company is busy. If you have been waiting for several weeks then Mylittlejob will try and get in contact with the company. Please notify us at info@mylittlejob.de.

Normally translation jobs are for students with a high rating. It is important for companies that the language test verifies the students’ language knowledge.


You do not have to pay anything to work for Mylittlejob. It is free for students to be part of the Academic Workforce.

You can claim your earnings whenever you want. It is possible to accumulate money and claim it at a later date

You can request payment once a week. If you are in a hurry and need money quickly, you can request express payment. You will then receive the money in 24 hours after requesting it.

At Mylittlejob, we would like to make clear that every registered student is responsible for their own taxes and observance of the laws in the Federal Republic of Germany or relevant legal clauses. Mylittlejob takes no responsibility for the tax obligations for any of the students on the platform. In the Federal Republic of Germany every income over €450 must be declared.

Once you’ve successfully registered and have passed the welcome assessment, you can begin to accept jobs. Execute them well and fulfill all success criteria and your account will be credited with the money for the job. This money can then be paid out whenever you want.

When you would like to claim your pay, you can click on “Status” box in your account and choose “request payment”. Then you can choose between your bank account and your PayPal account, and fill in the required details. Please note that PayPal charges an extra fee which we have no control over. The money will be in your account in about 3-4 days’ time, up to a maximum of 2 weeks. With this processing time it often makes sense not to request payment for all your jobs at the same time.

Payment will be made every two weeks, with a waiting time of between 3 days and 2 weeks (depending on which bank you use). If you request several payments, instead of compiling them into one payment request, this can result in a delay in being paid.

Any unanswered questions? Send us an email at info@mylittlejob.de and we will get in touch as soon as possible.

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