How it works

Tell us who you are and we tell you how it works for you

I want to post a job

Post a job and we’ll match it to the right student. Need help? Give us a call: +49(0)40 60 77 30 50 or send us an email.

Describe the task

Mylittlejob finds the right student

Results are verified

Receive the results by email

What sort of jobs can I commission?

Anything that can be done on a computer! From graphics and programming to writing texts, small jobs to large ones, everything can be found at Mylittlejob. Whether you need 500 words written for your blog, or you would like your whole product catalogue translated-we have the solution.

How do I find the right students?

Fill in a few parameters on the interface and provide a short description of the job.We will take care of the rest.
We will send you an email to let you know when the results can be downloaded from our platform.

How does payment work?

You only pay for the jobs which you are happy with. In case something isn’t quite right, you can ask for the work to be revised.

Payment can be conducted through our system and you have the choice of the following payment methods:

  • · Credit cards
  • · Invoices
  • · Debit cards
  • · Paypal

When you are happy with the end results, we receive a 20% commission.

I want to earn some money

For students, earning money with your knowledge is as easy as A, B, C!

Take the assessment test

Show us and your future employers what you can do!

Search for jobs

Have a look through our job list for a project that suits your tastes and ability. You can work from wherever; just upload the results when you’re finished.

Get paid!

As soon as the customer accepts the finished results, you can arrange your payment. The money will then be in your account right away.

Who can sign-up to Mylittlejob?

Any student who is enrolled at a university, college or vocational college can register with Mylittlejob, you just need to have a valid university or college email. If registration fails because your email address can’t be recognized, please get in touch with us. Once we’ve verified your university, we’ll add it to our database.

Looking for full time employees?

Find Young Professionals, Graduates, Working Students and Interns here.


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