Mylittlejob facilitates a platform where Studentenjobs such as transcriptions, translations, online research and data management can be allocated to talented students. Immediate hiring with an automated selection process and without application procedures simplifies outsourcing. Outsourcing to several students is called crowdsourcing and is also possible.

  • Content
  • Transcriptions
  • Research
  • Translations
  • Design & IT
  • Data entry
  • Surveys
  • Other

How it works

The automatic job posting system is user-friendly: all you have to do is describe your job.

Describe the task

Mylittlejob finds the right student

Results are verified

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A diverse range of students: our students come from 12 different fields of study, so you will be able to find the right student for your job.


You’ll have access to a pool of around 120,000 verified and approved students.

Language tests

Only students who have passed the language test or who are native speakers can be chosen.

Mylittlejob API

To be able to work even quicker, our API solution allows for direct communication between you and our system

CSV Upload

Want to upload several jobs at one time? No problem. We’ll help you upload the necessary CSV files


Create an Expert Team of as many students you want and employ them exclusively for your jobs.

Prioritize your job

Your job will appear at the top of the list of jobs, which means it will be seen and worked on a lot quicker.

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We’re on hand to help you every step of the way!

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