Do you need a transcript of a video or an audio file? Mylittlejob is the right place. It doesn’t matter whether it's a 1:1 transcription or a summary of a record, our pool of high-skilled students will provide you with tasks accomplished accurately and quickly. Here you can find some examples:

  • Transcriptions of audio files
  • Transriptions with subtitles
  • Transcriptions of videotexts
  • Transcriptions of interviews

You may choose to have a second student proof read and verify the result.


Language of the sound track


Length of the sound track


Example transcription

  • A film production company
  • Company
  • A transcription of a 60 minute interview
  • Job
  • Self Service
  • Any specific features
  • 10 hours
  • Time for the student to work on the job
  • 1. Transcriptions-placing a job

    The company logs in to their free account. Here they can place a new job and in a few steps provide all the relevant job details (theme, length of the sound bite, number of speakers, languages, timecode, and the desired format). Then they can decide how much time the students have to work on the job (normally four –five times the length of the original sound bite).

  • 2. A student with relevant experience in transcription accepts the job

    On the same day, a student accepts the job. They will have provided good transcriptions in the past and will be familiar with the theme of this transcription. Thanks to this previous experience, they will able to work quickly, precisely and reliably on the job.

  • 3. Checking and verifying the transcribed content

    Another student checks and verifies the accuracy of the transcribed interview, the student’s grammar and any another details which would have previously been outlined. The final transcription is then finalised and the student can then upload it to be approved and sent to the company.

  • 4. Approving the job and downloading the transcription

    On the same working day, the company downloads and checks the finished transcription. If everything has been executed successfully, they can approve the job. The student gets their payment and the company receives a bill for the job at the end of the month.

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