Data entry

At Mylittlejob your data administration is in the right hands. With our pool of high-skilled students from all fields of study we are able to deliver high-quality, reliable results in a short period of time. We can provide the following services for data administration:

  • Product data maintenance
  • Master data maintenance
  • Data categorisation
  • Data updates
  • Data feed processing

We will be happy to verify the results of data management jobs according to your guidelines and criteria!

Example Data entry

  • Online market place
  • The company
  • Data feed optimisation
  • Job
  • Self-service
  • Specific features
  • 12 hours
  • Time for the student to work on the job
  • 1. Data management-placing a job

    To create a data management job, the company logs on to the platform. Under “create a new job”, they can input the details of the job, such as the job description and the time the student has to work on it. The briefing will be saved as a template for other jobs. The company can also upload an Excel file, in which the product data should be optimised. In total, there are 5000 pieces of data to manage; the company has divided the project into 50 smaller projects with 100 pieces of data each. The first row of the Excel table will be filled out already and will serve as a template.

  • 2. Students with relevant knowledge of data management accept the job

    After a short time qualified students with relevant experience in data management accept the job. Thanks to the example pieces of data from the company, it is immediately obvious what the job consists of and the students can start working on it immediately. One hour later, the first results are uploaded.

  • 3. Verification

    The results are then checked by 2 other students. The company’s briefing serves as the basis for the verification process. After the job has been checked, it can then be uploaded.

  • 4. Accepting the job and downloading the results of the data management job

    Only two days later, the data management jobs can be downloaded by the company. One final quality check and the jobs are found to have been successfully executed and can be accepted. The students then receive their payment.

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