Our pool of high-skilled students can take reliably care of your research for a variety of data within a very short time. Among other things Mylittlejob provides the following data research services:

  • Marketing data research
  • Competition research
  • Market information research
  • Research of figures, dates and facts
  • Legal research
  • Research of contact persons
  • Research of figures from yearly reports

On request the results of the research can be submitted to a process of extra verification regarding to your criteria and guidelines.

Example research

  • A testing organisation for online shops
  • The company
  • Marketing data research
  • The job
  • Self-service
  • Specific features
  • 20 hours
  • Time for the student to work on the job
  • 1.Online research-posting the job

    After the free registration process, which only takes a few minutes, the company can log in with their free account. Under “post a new job” it takes only a few minutes to input the job details, such as the job description including all the content to be researched (contact person, telephone number, address of the contact person, name, surname and department etc.). In addition to this, the company decides how much time the student has to work on the job and uploads an Excel spreadsheet, which the student should fill in once the research has been completed. The first row of the spreadsheet will have been filled in already and will serve as a template for the research.

  • 2. Students with relevant experience in online research accept the job

    On the same day the job is accepted by students who have successfully carried out similar research tasks in the past. Thanks to the students’ experience, the research will be reliable, precise, and completed in a short amount of time.

  • 3. Verifying the completed research

    Other students then check and verify the accuracy of the research. The research data is then finalized and is then uploaded to be approved and sent to the company.

  • 4.Approving the job and downloading the research

    On the next working day, the company downloads the completed research and checks it over. Everything has been completed to their satisfaction and the job can be approved. The student is paid and the company receives their bill at the end of the month.

Bullet points and article description

Advisory texts and captions

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