Over the past few years, even we have been surprised at what our pool of students has been capable of! We are always happy to discuss plans for further development and we look forward to exchanging ideas with you!

  • Blind shopping
  • App testing
  • Video clips
  • Creating subtitles

Example Job

  • Market research firm
  • The company
  • Compiling a product description and a secondary placement
  • The job
  • Asking students in over 60 regions
  • Specific features
  • 3 days
  • Time for the student to work on the job
  • 1.Posting the 120 jobs

    2)2 students per region will be asked to visit 10 outlets each and take photos

  • 2.Finding the students

    90 of the 120 jobs were successfully accepted right away, and the remaining 30 jobs will be taken on over the next 9 hours.

  • 3. A successful order!

    All of the 120 students submit their pictures alongside an Excel table containing the questionnaire.

Gathering prices and positions of products at the point of sale

Adding subtitles into the existing interview format.

Testing out homepages in different formats

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