At Mylittlejob your orders for text editing are in good hands. With our pool of high-skilled students from all fields of study we edit unique texts-without repetition and any spelling mistakes-, which will give you great results not only in search engines but also with your clients.

  • SEO content
  • product descriptions
  • landingpage content
  • category descriptions
  • blog entries
  • reviews

Additionally, all texts can also be proof-read by another student with relevant expertise to make sure all texts conform with your requirements.

Example text creation

  • An online fashion retailer
  • The customer
  • Write 50 product descriptions
  • The job
  • SelfService
  • Specific features
  • 18 hours
  • Time for the student to work on the job
  • 1. Creating texts-placing an order

    The customer logs into their account and in a few minutes they are able to input the template and key features of the job (such as the number of words, frequency of key words, the way of addressing the reader and the format). A briefing will be created automatically based on this information. Once the pay and an example text have been uploaded, the job will be live on the platform.

  • 2. Students with expertise in the relevant field of study accept the job

    On the same day, fashion design students accept the job and create individual product descriptions. Thanks to the students’ relevant know-how, important factors in purchasing decisions are included in the product descriptions. The unique content has been created and is then uploaded by the students to be approved and sent on to the customer.

  • 3. Approving the jobs and downloading the product descriptions

    On the next working day, the customer can download and check the finished texts. As the jobs have been completed successfully, the jobs are then approved. The students get paid and at the end of the month, the customer receives a bill for the jobs.

bullet points and article description

Advisory texts and bullet points

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You set the price for your jobs. However bear in mind that the higher paid your job is, the more appealing it will be for students which means it will be completed more quickly. Enter your values in the form and the price will appear right away.

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