Founded: May 2011
Founders and Managing Directors: Daniel Barke, Marlon Litz-Rosenzweig
Address: Herrengraben 31, 20459 Hamburg

Telephone Number: 040 6077 30 50

By students, for students

Since May 2011, Mylittlejob has been offering a platform on which businesses and free-lancers can commission students for online jobs. The students can work flexibly and are not tied to any working hours, which facilitates working alongside studying at university. Companies receive cost- and time efficient results around the clock, and businesses can thus make the most of a wide range of students with different qualifications. The company can decide the payment for themselves. The students come from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Denmark and the United Kingdom.

Only pay when you’re pleased with the end result.

Billing couldn’t be more simple:if the jobs have been successfully completed, the company receives a bill including VAT at the end o f the month.

A huge variety of online jobs have already been completed

Students have already worked for international legal firms, estate agents, publishers, marketing agencies, SEO agencies, tour operators, research institutes and Webmaster online jobs. Legal research, data collection, architects plans, analyses, market research, data management, graphic designs, programming, formatting and transcriptions are some of the many jobs our students have undertaken. Mylittlejob guarantees a smooth billing procedure for all customers.

Students from all fields of study

The students of our academic workforce are a reliable, adaptable reinforcement when businesses or free-lancers need a qualified workforce at short notice.

Place the job yourself or let the Mylittlejob Team take care of it

Companies are able to post jobs online in 4 simple steps, and of course, there is a money back guarantee if the end result doesn’t come up to your expectations. Mylittlejob also offers to give companies a hand with posting jobs, meaning the company can make the most of the team’s experience in briefing students. The Mylittlejob team can also help recommend suitable rates of pay.

Qualified students take care of online jobs

The Mylittlejob algorithm provides a constant display of the students’ work, ensuring that companies are always able to employ experience and qualified students when they have urgent or particularly demanding jobs that need to be done. Every student has to complete a test when they register with Mylittlejob.

You can always email or call us if you have any questions. We will also be happy to set up a personal appointment, so we can present our business and our services to you.


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