The Student Code

The 5 Golden Rules for the Academic Workforce

To be a successful part of the academic workforce, improve your rating and to make sure your wallet starts getting heavier, you should follow the 5 Golden Rules for working on jobs as well as for communication with us. Remember that directly contacting the company is a breach of this code and you will no longer be able to work with Mylittlejob.

1. Stick to deadlines

Deadlines must always be met. A top priority is getting jobs finished on time. The count-down clock always shows you how much time you have left to work on the job. Please only accept a job if you know you will be able to produce satisfactory results in the time you have. If you miss a deadline twice, you will be permanently removed from the academic workforce. Incomplete jobs and submitting empty files also count as missing deadlines.

2. High quality work

You can only access the most challenging jobs when you have good ratings. Bad ratings can also lead to your expulsion from the academic workforce. Whether it’s for content creation, research tasks or translations, quality is our number one priority.

3. Anticipation

When you accept a job, always ask yourself: where will my work be used? How would I like to receive it? When you put yourself in the position of the company, then, with help from the briefing, you will be able to achieve the desired results.

4. No plagiarism

Copying fragments of text, without citing their source, is plagiarism and will result in your immediate expulsion from Mylittlejob. This breaks German copyright law, which is not tolerated.

5. We’re always on hand

When you must, in an exceptional case, make contact with us, please give us your user name and the full title of the job. Remember, that behind the computers we are also human and a rude tone is as hurtful to us as it would be to you.

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