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Effort and achievement should pay off right away.

Here's the situation

Students have a certain know-how and want to earn money. Businesses need this know-how and, in such an economic climate, often need it on-demand.

The most demanding jobs require a time-consuming application procedure and selection process, hence why many talented students resort to waitressing or baby-sitting.

And here's our approach

We think that jobs should be offered according to ability and achievement, and without an overly rigorous selection process.
This is why we offer students with their individual know-how the chance to earn money as and when they want to. Businesses can then instantly harness the talents of many different students, without the delay that comes from lengthy selection proceedings.

Time consuming applications and selection procedures give way to an automated selection process which is based on data and does not overlook any relevant qualities.

With Mylittlejob, students can work where they want and as often as they want. This allows them to focus on their studies whilst earning some money with a job that suits their academic skill set. We believe in the power of the students and want to make our contribution with Mylittlejob. We wish you every success, and have fun!

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