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Mylittlejob | Affidati a studenti esperti online

Mylittlejob provides a platform where student jobs such as transcriptions, translations, online research and data management can be allocated to talented students. We simplify outsourcing by hiring immediately with an automated selection process and by getting rid of application procedures. Outsourcing to several students, otherwise known as crowdsourcing, is also possible. All texts contain unique content to aid with promotion and search engine optimization. Quality management is responsible for the high quality of the content. Students use their expertise to deliver well-researched content. High quality translations in 63 languages (German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Polish, Russian, Serbian, Norwegian, Dutch, Danish, Japanese, Chinese, Hindi, and 47 other languages) are executed by bilingual students. Students with the necessary knowledge and expertise compile transcriptions of audio and video tracks, interviews or handwritten notes. The transcriptions can be carried out in every language which is available for translations. Students also carry out research into address data, company profiles, factual and legal positions and undertake every kind of legal research. The research can be completed in many different foreign languages and can require specific regional knowledge. With students from 63 countries, this data can be researched by telephone, e-mail or online: everything is possible. Virtual assistants with an academic background, what more could you want?

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